Winterize Your Car in Plymouth MA

Winterizing Your Vehicle in the Greater New Bedford Area is Easy -- Take Some Advice from Our Hyundai Dealership in Plymouth

The weather's changing over the river and through the woods here in Massachusetts, and everyone's feeling the season's chill. That means it's right time to get your new Hyundai ready for the white and drifted months. There's a checklist of important things every eastern MA driver should do to prepare. Take it from the experts here at Hyundai of Plymouth.


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How to Prepare a Car for Winter

Bad roads, worse weather, Jack Frost nipping at everything -- our Hyundai service center in Plymouth has seen it all. Here's what we've learned from our many years of experience combatting New England's notorious climate.

Regularly Wash Your Car

Road salt and moisture can cause undercarriage rust, and that damage can even affect performance. Frequent washes and cleaning can stave off the worst of it.

Check Brake and Tire Status

Reliable stopping power when things get slick around Cranston is key. It's true even in rainy summer months. We highly recommend putting on winter/snow tires. They're more flexible in the cold, and, owing to deeper, wider tread patterns, better-equipped to churn up snow and slush instead of slide across it. Regardless, have a listen when stepping on the brake. If you hear a crunch or squeak, if your treads are worn, the rubber's torn and separated, or even if your tire pressure's tanking, it's a hazardous drive waiting to happen. Repair or replace brakes or tires as needed, and check that tire pressure periodically -- cold air contracts, which can lead to plunges, and these leads to flats.

Check Exterior Lighting

Your headlights, daytime running lights, tail lights, and positioning lights are all important here. If you see debris, the surface is yellow, there's fogginess you can't wipe away, a turn signal bulb's out, or any others are dead, be sure to either clean or replace as necessary. Good or fair visibility when you need it, such as in Quincy traffic, is better than none at all.

Check Your Heater and Windshield Wipers

Everybody likes an unobstructed view trying to get home to Taunton before a blizzard, and nobody wants to be left out in the cold waiting for a tow. Make sure you've got a toasty cabin and that your defrost system adequately thaws ice buildup. If it doesn't, have your HVAC system serviced right away. Also, see that your wipers aren't torn, broken, or otherwise squeaking or streaking during use. That indicates the need for replacement.

Check Your Battery

Make sure it's not trickling a weak charge. If it's low-energy in the fall, by winter, it could be dead; the better your battery's condition, the more likely is staying ahead of issues with cold-weather startup. Take a closer look, too: do you see corrosion on any terminals or cables, or loose ends? Have the battery replaced post haste.

Check Under the Hood

Look for cracks, leaks, loose clamps, hoses that are spongy, brittle, or broken, drive belts that are frayed. Listen for the wrong kind of engine noises and watch out for anything else that may seem "off." These are all causes for getting an inspection. Check out your oil, oil filters, air filters, coolant levels, and other fluids. Dirty oil, an oil change coming due, the need for a flush, antifreeze discoloration, low washer solution, and being unable to see light through a filter all indicate that you need service and maintenance. It'll mean you can keep driving in a New Bedford winter wonderland instead of having to stay in and let it snow.

Inventory Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Breakdowns happen, even when you're as prepared as possible. That means possibly having to hang tight waiting for help to arrive. Keep the following on hand to make roughing for a while a little bit easier.

  • A first-aid kit (the Red Cross has great info on what you need to make one)
  • An ice scraper
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • A utility knife
  • A flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Mobile chargers
  • De-icing spray (in case you've got freezing troubles)An emergency blanket (mylar, wool, or another ultra-warm material)
  • Winter warmth gear such as wool socks, gloves, hats, earmuffs, and scarves
  • A shovel and sand or cat litter -- these can help a car stuck in the snow get extra traction

Whether you finance or lease a new Hyundai or used car here at Hyundai of Plymouth or elsewhere, you can bring it into our Hyundai service department, and we'll help bring it up to speed for winter. Just give us a call here at 356 Court Street to set up some time or use our handy online service scheduling tool. We look forward to hearing from you!

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