The summer months are approaching quickly, and millions of drivers like you will be hitting the roads for vacations, work, and other purposes. That said, the weather conditions in the winter and spring can take a toll on your vehicle systems. Here at Hyundai of Plymouth near New Bedford, we employ certified, skilled, and helpful technicians that can get your vehicle into shape before the warm weather hits. By taking a little time out to schedule a visit at our service center, you can ensure that all your summer journeys are successful.

Hyundai Vehicle Cooling System Checks

The cooling system must work hard to keep your engine in good shape during cold winter months. It must keep engine temperatures at operating levels while at the same time dealing with the effects of cold outdoor temperatures. Here at your local Hyundai dealership, our pre-summer cooling system checks can test for the following items:

  • Radiator: The radiator channels air through thin vanes and cools the fluid down in the process. Preseason radiator checks can inspect items such as the overflow valves, cap, and system pressure.
  • Fluids: The coolant in your radiator has an incredibly important job in terms of keeping your engine damage free. Preseason summer fluid checks include coolant flushing, recharging, and hose consistency checks.
  • Thermostat: The thermostat helps to regulate engine temperatures and fluid flows. A faulty thermostat can result in overheating and significant damages. During your cooling system check, our technicians will inspect your thermostat to ensure that it is in good working order.

Seasonal Brake System Checks

The brakes must be in good working order before you embark on every journey. Here at our Cranston area dealership, you can expect the following brake system inspections:

  • Rotors: The rotors are round plates that fit directly to the wheels. They work with the pads to help to create friction to slow vehicles down. During rotor checks, our technicians will check for surface consistency, structural damage, and much more.
  • Pads: The brake pads exert pressure against rotors to bring vehicles to stops. They come in several varieties that include sintered, ceramic, and hybrid. During pad checks, our technicians will check for damage, pad thickness, stopping power, and more.
  • Brake Fluid: While brake fluids are generally durable, winter months can cause them to absorb moisture. To battle such effects, our technicians can change your brake fluid if they detect any issues.

Seasonal Electrical System Checks

Your battery and electrical vehicle system help energize your motor and all your accessories. Our electrical system checks assess the following:

  • Battery: The battery is a source of vehicle electrical power, and it needs to be in good shape to do its job properly. Our checks can include surface corrosion, electrolyte levels, and physical integrity.
  • Electrical Wires: The wires transport electrical power from the battery throughout the system. Over time, these wires can lose functional capacity, and as such they may need periodic replacements. By using voltmeter checks and other methods, our technicians can ensure that the wires work properly.

Seasonal Suspension Checks

During winter months, roadways often sustain damage that include potholes. When vehicle tires strike these impediments, it can cause significant damage to the suspension. Our Hyundai dealership in the Taunton area suspension technicians can ensure that all your suspension settings are correct. Toe-in, caster, and camber all get detailed checks, and this can help to ensure that your Hyundai vehicle performs as planned.

Here at your local Hyundai of Plymouth near Quincy, our technicians can perform these and many other checks on your car, truck, or SUV. To make sure that all your summer journeys are trouble-free, contact us today to schedule your next comprehensive preseason service visit.

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