Explore Hyundai's Extensive 2020 Vehicle Lineup

No matter what type of vehicle you are looking for, Hyundai has an option for you. They have 15 models for you to choose from in their 2020 lineup, and four of these models are brand new for the 2020 model year. They have vehicles that are great for commuting in Cranston and for crossing the country. To make sure you are getting the best vehicle for your lifestyle, do research here to find out what type of vehicle works best for you.

Hyundai Accent

The first type of vehicle you would be looking for is a sedan. These come in all different sizes from subcompact to full-size. If you are looking for something economical to do your daily commute in, you may want to take the Accent for a spin. This compact car can get up to 38 mpg and produces 130 horsepower. If you are looking for something a bit bigger and sportier, you can always try the Veloster. The Veloster is a sporty compact hatchback with three doors. It is sleek, stylish, and sporty. If you get it in the Veloster N trim, it offers 275 horsepower and a load of other performance mods. This car makes a great one car garage.

Hyundai Sonata

If you want something bigger and more spacious, the Sonata is a great choice. The Sonata was one of the models to be updated for the 2020 model year. It was redesigned with an all-new sporty and sophisticated look. It has adopted the 4-door coupe craze that has been growing in the full-size sedan market. It has improvements in design and safety. It also features brand new technology like Hyundai's virtual key. This means you can access your Sonata through an app on your phone instead of having a physical key. You can also get the new Sonata as a hybrid to increase its fuel efficiency.

Hyundai Kona

If you are not looking for a new car, Hyundai has a great lineup of new SUVs for you to choose from. The first vehicle in Hyundai's SUV lineup is the compact Kona. This SUV is great for daily driving. It can be had with Hyundai's advanced adaptive cruise control, which makes it perfect if you spend a lot of time in rush hour traffic. It also gets up to 33 mpg, but if you are looking for something even more green, you can get a fully electric Kona. The Kona Electric has a range of 258 miles, and it even has 201 horsepower. This power allows it to have sporty acceleration along with giving it more than enough range for a daily driver.

Hyundai Palisade

If the Kona just isn't big enough for you, you may want to check out the all-new Hyundai Palisade. This full-size SUV can seat up to eight passengers and can be equipped with an advanced AWD system. This system is perfect for the weather we get in Quincy. The Palisade is the top-of-the-line luxury SUV in Hyundai's lineup. It offers pretty much any feature you can think of. It also is extremely well put together, giving it a hand-built feel. The Palisade features bold design along with modern elegance. It has serious road presence when cruising down the highway. The Palisade is truly the ultimate family SUV. It has power third-row seats for easy use of rear storage. It also offers ventilated rear captains seats to keep your second-row passengers as comfortable as possible. It features a driver talk in-car intercom, so you don't have to raise your voice to get your kids attention back in the third row.

To get more information on these models and Hyundai's complete lineup of vehicles, you can visit Hyundai of Plymouth in nearby Plymouth, MA. Our showroom has all of the latest Hyundai models so that you can experience them for yourself. You can even take them out for a test drive to get a better feel for how they drive. Or, you can explore our used inventory or visit our finance center to make your Hyundai ownership dreams a reality. We look forward to working with you soon!

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