How The Hyundai EcoShift Transmission Works

Many new models found at Hyundai of Plymouth are equipped with the highly advanced EcoShift transmission. While most believe the EcoShift transmission is an automatic, it is actually a dual-clutch transmission (DCT). A DCT is able to shift more quickly and achieve better gas mileage than a traditional automatic transmission. But how does the EcoShift DCT work? The researchers at Hyundai of Plymouth decided to break down the basics to help our customers become more familiar with their vehicle.

Hyundai Eco Shift Transmission

Two Clutches, Two Sets of Gears

A DCT uses two separate sets of gears controlled by its own clutch. One clutch controls the odd set of gears (1,3,5,7) and the other controls the even set (2,4,6,R). While your Hyundai is in first gear, the second clutch is engaged, allowing the even gears to spin freely. As your car reaches a pre-set RPM to change gears, the first clutch engages while simultaneously disengaging the second clutch, shifting you into second. Now the odd set of gears is spinning freely, allowing you to shift into either first or second on demand.

What Are the Benefits?

Because the opposite set of gears is always spinning and ready, your transmission is able to either shift up or down almost instantly. This allows for better throttle response and more linear acceleration. Also, because the EcoShift DCT is programmed to shift at certain RPMs, it provides impressive fuel efficiency.

How Can I Experience The Hyundai EcoShift Transmission?

Schedule a test drive at Hyundai of Plymouth! We have a variety of Hyundai models equipped with the EcoShift DCT for you to test drive. To get behind the wheel, use our convenient online schedule form or give us a call at (888) 480-3980.

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